Our Solutions and Products

Kromtek has various solutions and products that can be customized to the varying demands of different segments of the society.

Residential Apartments:

MSDD SolutionsTelevision Entertainment is purely an individual’s personal choice. Residents in apartments have to live without choice because of the current technical limitations. DTH subscription which ever it may be requires installation of a dish on your balcony or on the roof-top. Increasing subscribers causes a clutter of dishes in your property thereby rendering an unpleasant look to your property.

Some DTH providers do offer single antenna solutions or Satellite Master Antenna Television (SMATV) solutions. Some of them even go to the extent of offering Integrated Reception Systems (IRS) which integrates various other services like broadband internet and CCTV. Here the drawback is that these companies own the network and the residents are forced to subscribe to that particular services offered by the company. This restricts the resident’s choice of TV viewing.....[+] More Info

Hospitality Industry:

Digital Hotel HeadendThe digital switchover has begun all over the world. The introduction and popularity of High Definition has taken it one step further. Today’s televisions give hoteliers advantages in room design, functionality and operations, but if the signal is not updated along with the TVs, all of these enhancements will go unnoticed by your guests.

Kromtek’s Digital Hotel Headend (DHH) is a complete and the most ideal solution for digital distribution of video and audio channels, be it Satellite SD or HD, Satellite Radio and even internal play-out channels. Our offering to your guests would be True HD experience, larger content choice, ease of use and much more…

Now the digital and HD revolution has finally come to the hospitality market. The major hotel brands are updating their technology standards to require high definition programming and flat screen television sets by 2010. The issue facing the industry is not just purchasing the flat panel sets, but having the corresponding HDTV channels and content. . . .[+] More Info

Turnkey Solutions

Turnkey SolutionsKromtek can bring you customer-tailored CCTV, CATV, MATV, SMATV, IRS, Digital Headend and IPTV turnkey solutions that have proven successful with a wide range of customers throughout the global satellite television market. Our highly trained and experience installation and network support teams are on-hand to offer their full support throughout the installation and thereafter. We are confident that we have the experience, expertise and knowledge to provide you with a professional and tailored service.

Together with associated channel partners Kromtek offers installation and network distribution solutions for satellite TV reception & distribution. Kromtek has a reputation for professionalism, technical expertise, superior service and quality.

Kromtek’s True Digital Headend (TDH) is a complete solution for digital distribution of Satellite TV for Cable operators, Hospitals, Residential Campuses, Residential Townships, University classrooms, prisons etc. This digital headend supports High Definition (HD) and can distribute Video, Audio and Data along the same network in a secure manner.Blankom’s multi.TV is the answer for delivering various media services to the subscriber by using the capacities of the Internet Protocol (IP). This turnkey-system is especially designed to stream digital-TV (DVB, ASI & A/V signals), Radio and Video on Demand via new or existing coaxial or IP networks. Blankom’s multi.TV completely supports SD & HD. . ...[+] More Info

Home Automation Products:

Home AutomationAs the world gets more and more technologically advanced, we find new technology coming in deeper and deeper into our personal lives even at home. Home automation is becoming more and more popular around the world and is becoming a common practice. Well-designed home systems bring comfort, convenience, simplicity and savings.

Kromtek has partnered with HAI (Home Automation Inc.) and CentraLite Systems to bring home automation solutions to your homes. US based HAI (Home Automation, Inc.) is a market share leader in home automation systems and has been in the industry for over 25 years with more than a million HAI products have been installed in over 80 countries. HAI products will keep you safe, manage your energy consumption and comfort, and provide home entertainment, all in a coordinated and easy to use manner.  Since 1997, CentraLite has been designing and manufacturing home lighting control systems. Based in the USA, CentraLite systems let homeowners enjoy high quality dimming and automated scene control on a reasonable budget. .... [+] More Info