Digital Hotel Headend (DHH)

The digital switchover has begun all over the world. The introduction and popularity of High Definition has taken it one step further. Today’s televisions give hoteliers advantages in room design, functionality and operations, but if the signal is not updated along with the TVs, all of these enhancements will go unnoticed by your guests.

Kromtek’s Digital Hotel Headend (DHH) is a complete and the most ideal solution for digital distribution of video and audio channels, be it Satellite SD or HD, Satellite Radio and even internal play-out channels. Our offering to your guests would be True HD experience, larger content choice, ease of use and much more…

Now the digital and HD revolution has finally come to the hospitality market. The major hotel brands are updating their technology standards to require high definition programming and flat screen television sets by 2010. The issue facing the industry is not just purchasing the flat panel sets, but having the corresponding HDTV channels and content.

What's the point of putting in widescreen LCD TV's and only delivering analog SD signals? It just seems such a capital investment and not having the infrastructure behind it to really make it useful. Today’s televisions give do hoteliers advantages in room design, functionality and operations, but if the signal is not updated along with the TVs, all these enhancements are worthless for the guests.

Let’s face the truth – your hotel guest expects more from the hotel than what they get at home, including personal entertainment especially Television entertainment. Are you able to deliver?
A reliable and high quality TV system is critical in the hospitality environment today. At Kromtek we can offer customized TV solutions to hotels and guesthouses of all sizes, and provide your guests with a range of high quality TV channels.
Hotel TV systems
Kromtek’s DHH gives you the advantage of Cost-effective transmission high quality content (True High Definition – HD 1080i) and provision of advanced and interactive services including high speed internet. This highly affordable system can be integrated into your existing co-axial distribution network and can provide a large number of high quality channels. DHH features a flexible modular design that can be customized as per the individual needs of the situation. Scalability of the DHH system helps in further upgrades without reworking on your entire system.

A few benefits of Kromtek’s DHH

  • High Quality - 100% digital.
  • High Definition (HD) Capable
  • Multi- Input Support
  • Extended channel line-up
  • International Hotel Channels
  • Concealable in-room HD Interface Unit
  • User-friendly
  • Customizable, Flexible and Scalable
  • Single Remote Operation
  • And much more…

Has your hotel embraced HD and the latest trend in hospitality sector?
If not, contact us to know more about the features of DHH, for upgrading your current system or for installing DHH in your new hotel.