Smart Living: Revolutionizing Homes through Automation

As the world gets more technologically advanced, we find new technologies getting closer our personal lives. Home automation is becoming popular around the world and is becoming a lifestyle requirement. Well-designed home systems bring comfort, convenience, simplicity and savings . Kromtek has partnered with Grenton, Lightwave UK, KNX and Legrand Integrated Systems to bring home automation solutions to your homes.



Feel at home, at home.

Home, is where one ultimately finds happiness; and if one can't find happiness here, one can't find it anywhere. At Xice we employ exciting technologies to ensure that your home is the happiest place in the world to be.

Technology for joy

Imagine waking up to the tune of gentle chimes or having dinner with classic blues playing in the background. To add to the ambience,what if, you could dim the lights inside your house or brighten them too ! We make that possible. Our networked system bring all your entertainment gadgets and lighting units to a single touch interface, so that you can seamlessly jockey your favourite music at home wherever you are, as per your mood at that time. Convert your home to a house of music, with different rooms playing different music for a party in one and a pooja in another. Sit back and relax as you watch your home transform into a movie theatre at the touch of a button. Curtains will fall, lights will fade, display will turn on and music will play !

Technology for leisure

Time at home, is time to relax. Every little thing will feel like a task when you are in a mood to wind down after a busy day at work. That is where we make ourselves useful to you. Our intelligent systems are designed to improve convenience at home. Somebody at your front door? At touch of a button you can see him, talk to him and even let him inside the house; wherever you are! Control your electronic appliances like air conditioner and geysers sitting at a remote location. You can even activate or deactivate non electronic devices like sprinklers and curtains at the touch of single button.

Technology for peace

Happiness is impossible without peace of mind. A philosophy that led us to believe that integrated systems for the safety and security of a household is the most fundamental segment when it comes to home automation. Our well networked, tamper proof system is the most reliable guard that you would ever be able to find for your home. The system includes sensors, surveillance cameras, alarms and connected lighting at the location. Web based notification ensures that you and if necessary the authorities will be initimated for immediate response. The house can protect itself in case of even a minor disturbance. Lights can turn on, alarms can ring and notifications can be sent, all in a matter of seconds.

Technology for care

Our systems are most simple and friendly for the user. Designed to deliver with minimum interaction, our systems can be operated by the not so tech savvy old and the experimenting kids alike. The result is brilliant. Our systems ensure that the features of your home is usable not just for you but also for children and aging parents. Our control and monitoring systems help you to keep an eye on children and old parents from even a remote location. The system can lock and unlock doors, turn on or on devices and even call for immediate support if need arises. Sensors set up at strategic locations can listen to unusual noises.

Technology for savings

Intelligent management of electric equipments result in substantial reduction of power consumption. Programmable thermostats and occupancy sensors can pre-set the room temperature at desired levels and control your air conditioners to cool the room depending on occupancy levels. Sensors can also ensure that unnecessary lights, fans and other equipments are turned off, leading to regular power savings. Automated solar to electric power switching reduces electricity bills by optimised utilisation of installed solar panels. Water also can be saved by avoiding wastage due to open pipes, overflows, unchecked irrigation etc.

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